My Sunday Broadcast: The wonderful lying world of the Nigerian Governors’ wives.


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Erelu Adeleye Bisi Fayemi – wife of Ekiti State Governor, led the delegation.




Tomorrow, Monday, March 7, 2022, by the grace of God, is another date followers of The Guru – worldwide, are waiting for, and eagerly so. Like as it has been over the years [The Guru started its voyage on Lagos Talks 91.3 FM Radio Station on Monday, October 1, 2018], tomorrow, starting from 0930 hours, when Adu & The Guru shall take command of the Nigerian Airwaves, there shall never be any dull moment.

There are trending topical issues that shall be coming up for discussion and for sure, The Guru; through the instrumentality of knowledge and historical periscope, will go deep enough, in doing elaborative and scintillating analysis of all the topical issues convincingly. Let us have teasers of a few of the issues coming up tomorrow.

We shall be discussing how the Federal Government of Nigeria will be paying the International Monetary Fund [IMF] a whopping sum of $3.51billion in five years as cost of servicing an outstanding debt. This staggering sum is not payment of the debt but just to pay the interest cost of the debt. When payment like this hangs on Nigeria, where therefore is the hope of our country recovering from its historical accumulative indebtedness, and which of our future generations shall be free from debt estrangement?

The Guru wants all of us to be ready for this discussion tomorrow because facts that shall be presented are frightening and intimidating.

This outgone week, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo; former Military Head of State and former democratically elected president of Nigeria clocked 85 years on mother earth. And the man was appropriately celebrated around the globe for his numerous achievements. We know whom the man; referred to as “Ebora Owu” by many is – he is a man of critical words for all seasons. And on this occasion, apart from playing a novelty football game, he dropped a word for those politicians running around the country for 2023 General Election – mostly those that want to be the next president of our great country.

Obasanjo: Most presidential aspirants should the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) did their jobs well enough. Food for thought indeed!

Let us consider one more teaser for tomorrow before we draw the curtain today. However The Guru is not too sure if we are all ready to discuss this one tomorrow without losing our sanity because of its rudeness. This has to do with the Nigeria Governors Forum [NGF]’s wives. Maybe we can refer to them as Nigerian Governors’ Wives Association.

First it will be good to say a word or two about the Nigeria Governors Forum and the greatest threat these people; operating like one sacred Cult; with full characteristic of the Italian Mafioso, has become on the Nigerian Democracy.

We need to remind ourselves of some recent activities of these Governors, in order to be convinced of the danger they constitute to the survival of our democracy. They are almost becoming killers of democratic ethos in Nigeria.

For example, the National Assembly passed a Bill, recommending only one type of Primaries for the Nigerian Political Parties, to wit: That all Primaries must be through Direct; without Indirect and Consensus as alternative. The Governors said no to that piece of legislation, they met with the President, insisting that the President should not assent to it, and the President declined Assenting to it. There are many evidences of how the Governors run the political affairs of the country wrongly, as long as it is to their selfish advantages.

But this time around it is the Nigerian Governors’ wives that unleashed a rascal assault on the Nigerian Economy and Democracy. This they did by travelling from Nigeria to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirate, with birthday cake, flowers and card for the wife of President Buhari – Aisha Buhari, at the expense of the Nigerian economy. They did that with total impunity because they underestimated the Nigerian Press. And when the “cat” was let out of the “dirty bag”, these women of untamed culture came out; shamelessly of course, defending and justifying their action, in a most uncultured languages and manners. Read their statement below, please.

“Our attention has been drawn to a social media post shared on the 1st of March 2022 suggesting that some Nigerian Governors’ Wives were in Dubai to surprise The First Lady of Nigeria Dr Aisha Buhari on the occasion of her birthday on the 17th of February 2022.”

“For the avoidance of doubt and in the interest of the public, the Nigerian Governors Wives were on the entourage of the First Lady of Nigeria who was on an official trip to the UAE.” “The trip included visits to Dubai Expo 2020, tours of the Dubai e-learning Centre, Dubai YouthHub and meetings with foundations and agencies in UAE who are interested in investing in education, health and technology in Africa, with priority given to women and young people.”

“The trip coincided with the birthday of HE Aisha Buhari. On the morning of her birthday, which was February 17th, the delegation of Governors’ Wives paid a private visit to present a cake and flowers. 

“After the brief presentation, we proceeded to attend the scheduled meetings for the day. “We were therefore dismayed to see footage of the visit interpreted to mean Governors’ Wives left Nigeria for the sole purpose of celebrating his birthday. “This is not true and we find this assumption scandalous. “We are all dedicated to supporting our spouses as well as our First Lady, and we would never be a party to anything that will bring embarrassment to them and ourselves.

“Our key learnings from our visit to the various agencies in Dubai and the briefings we received point to the need for Nigeria to scale up investments in education, science and technology and provide more opportunities for young people, who are the key to the future.

“We will continue to address these issues in our own work as well as advocate for increased commitments in these areas from our leaders”.

Shouldn’t we be discussing this bold-face affront against the Nigerian People and their Economy tomorrow?

Enough of the teasers except to add that the Historical Perspective, tantalizing Periscope and the evergreen Knowledge Dropbox shall be inclusive of our discussion – all at your Golden Radio Station of choice, Lagos Talks 91.3 FM.

Godwin Etakibuebu [The Guru]



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