My Sunday Broadcast: Time to periscope because Yemi Osinbajo may run


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I shall try to make tonight broadcast as brief as l can. And it is not of lack of materials for discussion – no, there are abundance of topical issues to deal with as always. Except tonight, it will be better to redirect our voyage from the normal to the unusual.

It means we just must have to venture into the unknown, and this type of voyage is what most human beings fear most. That is the voyage we are undertaking tomorrow, Monday, March 14, 2022, at Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, when Adu & The Guru takeover the Nigerian airwaves, starting from 0930 hours.

Before this hour I have the following items listed out on my Menu for tomorrow’s discussion:

  1. Senate rejects Buhari’s Electoral Act
  2. 2023: Tinubu, Osinbajo will weep, APC considering Igbo presidential candidate – Adeyanju
  3. Bandits Kill Unspecified Number of Soldiers in Kebbi
  4. Alleged N96bn fraud: Supreme Court fixes May 27 for judgment in Amaechi’s suit
  5. Our Dubai trip to meet with agencies interested in investing in education coincided with

     Aisha Buhari’s birthday— Governors’ wives

  1. Misconduct: NURTW suspends MC Oluomo indefinitely
  2. Niger: Terrorists launch coordinated attacks on eight communities, kill scores
  3. Buni May Return as APC Caretaker Chair, Emergency NEC Meeting Not Recognised
  4. APC crisis: Fmr DG of Progressives Govs Forum identifies alleged ‘civilian coup’ plotters trying to destabilize convention


This was it until that one breaking news; as CNN is fond of calling it, was all that l needed to change my mind from continuing in dealing with Menu. And the “breaking news” is weighty enough for any of us in this business of news analysis to jump the ship. What is the breaking news that turned the voyage chart 360 degrees?

From the grapevine came the revelation that Yemi Osinbajo – a Professor of Law and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is throwing his hat into the 2023 presidential contest. And this is coming very soon.

Who will not qualify this as major breaking news, though the speculation has always been around with us?

Yes, l have always “heard” of it here and there, but the source this time around is of superior value. So big and large that l told myself that the time to run with this calculation has come, because it is a majorly compelling CALCULUS. And how will one embark on this journey without bringing all the dynamics of various factors into contest?

The All Progressives Congress [APC]; the current Nigerian ruling political party for the past – close to 7 years, is heading towards an exit point, but with bad signals of anchorage problems. There is no doubt that the Political Party is finding it difficult having a secured anchorage point. It is even lost in the sea of confusion as arriving successful National Convention; where decision of having qualitative leadership is to be taken.

The Political Party Ship seems to be moving aground speedily. If there is anything that still holds the Party together it is the Nigerian Till [Treasury] that is exclusively under its control. Part of the confusion about to bury the Party – and that is if the truth must be told, is the methodology of selecting the Presidential Candidate for the Party in the incoming general election of 2023. Who would this candidate be?

And President Muhammadu Buhari; of course, the leader of the Party, wouldn’t know when not to dictatorial and when to be a democrat in administration of political party matters. And within the community of the Party’s leadership, personal selfish pursuits of individuals are tearing the remaining fabrics into shreds. Then lifetime ambition of some gladiators’ vis-à-vis avowed determination show of strength to deliver a dying country remains a missing link in all these contests.

Who will therefore say that the sophistication of the theory of the more [of egghead] that come into the race the better it is for Nigerians, at this time of lack of qualitative leaders, to rescue Nigeria?

We need to interrogate the trajectory from the APC perspective through the instrumentality of this breaking news. And this is what The Guru will be doing tomorrow, by the grace of God.

Ipso factor, The Guru is inviting all to join the conversation tomorrow, through phone-calls and all other media platforms. All the remaining juices of the program shall remain intact, please.

Godwin Etakibuebu; a veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.



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  1. Sam Ohwerhoye Reply

    I listened with rapt attention this morning, Guru Sir, you cannot be wrong.
    If APC still have anything to sell from warehouse is Pastor Prof. Yemi Osibanjo (SAN). I just pray that the Budillion lord will not sink this boat

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