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Giving blanket amnesty to bandits will worsen insecurity in Nigeria |  TheCable

Terrorists called Bandits in Nigeria – never to be prosecuted

Again, by the special grace of God, tomorrow, Monday, April 11, 2022, is coming with many issues, in the stable of The Guru, for discussion. And that is when Adu & The Guru shall be taking command of the Nigerian Airwaves, starting from 0930 hours, at Lagos Talks 91.3 FM.

I hope you shall be joining millions of the program’s followers, on line worldwide, to bring meaning of understanding and interpretation of wisdom/knowledge to the discussion that are coming up for digesting.

Like always, The Guru’s Menu is fully loaded, and tomorrow shall not be anything less. Let us take a few of these items as teasers before narrowing down to those serious topics that have put our once-great-country; when we were actually Giant of Africa, under. And these are numerous.

For example, which of these topics itemized under, would you say as not having the potentials bringing Nigeria under? Or to put it more succinctly, can you say that each and every of the items mentioned below have no capacities of killing and burying Nigeria with absolute temerity?

And this is just by tomorrow’s menu. Yet, there are more than this one week’s menu challenging the Nigerian Federation on daily basis. It is only the Creator of Heaven and Earth that can bring Nigeria back to life, because if the truth is to be told, this country [Nigeria] is dead and buried by contradictions and mockery rascality of a broken leadership. What we have is dead leadership – leadership without lively brains. It is only the One with all Powers of creation that can make Nigeria LIVE AGAIN.

  1. Bandits kill 11 soldiers, burn two armoured vehicles in Kaduna – Daily Post
  2. FG To Finance 2022 Budget Deficit With New Borrowing – Tribune
  3. Presidency: Ameachi Declares, Says ‘I Will Ensure Unity, Stable Democracy’ – Thisday
  4. Lai Mohammed charges Nigerians to expose bandits in their midsts – The Nation
  5. Sacking me means nothing; Buhari’s government should seek forgiveness for failed

            promises – Abuja Imam, Sheikh Khalid – Punch

  1. They were happy when I hit Jonathan hard, asked him to resign —Abuja Chief Imam

            sacked for anti-Buhari sermon – Vanguard

  1. Ige’s murder: I’m willing to go to court, says Soyinka – The Guardian
  2. Why we haven’t declared bandit leaders wanted –Military – Punch
  3. Ex-Generals demand crackdown as terrorists kill over 700 soldiers in 18 months –



Let us look at one or two of the items above, before agreeing or disagreeing on what each topic stands for, in the survival or otherwise of Nigeria.


Number One: Bandits kill 11 soldiers, burn two armoured vehicles in Kaduna. Isn’t this a great calamity? These are soldiers – some of them might even be officers, recruited and trained at a very high cost with the Nigerian tax payers money; within the restrained confinement of a military designated zone, being over-taken by some bandits – otherwise known as terrorists; a vicious group of enemies of the Nigerian State.


The calamity of this sad story can better be appreciated if we come to the knowledge that these terrorists are creation and sustenance of the Nigerian State’s leadership; a trajectory that defers any logical interpretation except in the demonic “wisdom” of those in “today’s place of power”.


Nigerians have been living with the fact that about Four Hundred names of terrorists’ sponsors have remained with the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice – Abubakar Malami [SAN], for over One Year, without any enthusiasm to charge any of these to court.


It is even well known now that this government – the President Buhari’s Government, is not willing and shall never stake charging these terrorists to court. The Nigerian President – Muhammadu Buhari – knows about this. The man did not only know but he is in cohort support of his Attorney General and Minister for Justice.


These 11 soldiers slaughtered by the terrorists in a day; really within seconds, and burning down all the operational vehicles within sight in the military camp, remains a infinitesimal number of our gallant military men – cutting across the Army, Airforce, Navy and other Security Agencies, that have been killed by the Nigerian State-sponsored Terrorists. Some of these fallen heroes would have probably remained alive today if the Nigerian government had done what it is supposed to have been doing.


This brings us to item number 9 of the Menu above – to wit: Ex-Generals demand crackdown as terrorists kill over 700 soldiers in 18 months. Can you imagined a Nigeria where 700 soldiers – amongst them were seasoned and toughened trained officers; a route that cost Nigeria billion of Naira, being slaughtered by Terrorists – preferred being called Bandits by the Nigerian government?


Yet, the government could not prosecute a single of the so-called bandits to court. Do we need any magical analysis to know who the sponsors of the terrorists are in Nigeria? Having known that the Nigerian Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice; in total collaboration with the Man that appointed him, is sitting on 400 names of Terrorists without any willingness to prosecute any of them – not even a single one of the terrorists, the matter should be adjourned sine die.


It is because the country – Nigeria, has been specially designated as a Satanic Killing Grand by those elected to lead it into the land of Eldorado, that The Guru has chosen, instead, going into the Creek of the Niger Delta Region in search of those thieves that are stealing 80% of our Oil; according to the information given to us by the same federal government that is never equipped with power to arrest or prosecute Terrorists.


This court adjourns ipso facto – Court!  


Godwin Etakibuebu; a veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.




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