My Sunday Broadcast: In Nigeria, the political intrigue and betrayal are never ending


Ibori, mistress appear in UK court via video link for confiscation hearing

Former Governor of Delta State – James Onanefe Ibori.

As we convene again tomorrow, Monday, May 23, 2022, between 0930-1100 hours, at Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, on the segment of Adu & The Guru, there is no way the discussions and topical issues that shall be coming up for critical evaluations would go outside the Nigerian political intrigues of betrayals.

The Nigerian political terrain is loaded with powers of manipulations and permutations. So much that most of the traditional Nigerian politicians are lost in the sea of confusion because the game of deception has swallowed up what could have been otherwise – hitherto, a normal playing ground.

No one, amongst most of them, understands the rule of the game again. Shall we say that they are lost? That seems not to be far from the truth.

Let us look at a few of the operating manual just introduced into the Nigerian political trajectory. I think the right place to state the navigation from should be in the Oil-rich Delta State; South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria because the political news flowing from that end is becoming a little fearful and disturbing.

The gladiators, in that State of Delta, are suddenly becoming sissy, wuss, capon, weakling, quitter, chicken-liver or even faint-hearted.

Or how else can it be explained that the daughter of former Governor of the State – James Omovudu Onanefe Ibori; the Odidigborigbo, a man once referred to as the “political god of the land”, Mrs Eriatake Ibori-Suenu would not be able to beat Hon Ben Rollands Igbakpa, in an PDP primary race to the House of Representative?

That she should tie up with her rival, not from another Political Party but in the same Party – the People Democratic Party, would totally be unbelievable in some months back. But today, with this news floating from the Delta State theater of Political Operation, the chickens are coming home to roost – just the way the cookie crumbles. That is what the navigational equipment is revealing.

This might not be the end of the story but could be the beginning of a great revelation – albeit terribly sickling one for that matter. There could be more complication if the star-grazers would add the illogical and horrendous suicidal mission of the Urhobo Progress Union; the socio-cultural umbrella of the Urhobo Nation worldwide, in endorsing a candidate of one Political Party – the PDP, to the detriment of all the remaining Political Parties, a worse Tsunami than the result of today’s PDP Primary [in Delta State] can be comfortably predicted.

And when The Guru generously invited the leadership of the UPU to the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, to explain the “endorsement” of the PDP aspirant [David Edevbie] to a bewildered world audience, the UPU leadership, under Chief Moses Taiga, the later treated the invitation with disdain – thereby missing the opportunity of standing in defense of its action. That is not the expected quality of any good leadership, as a good leader takes responsibility for its action.

There is likely more catastrophic political news that might be coming from that State. This Ode’s bad news might be coming from across nearly all the States of the Nigerian Federation.  It is the Year when the Nigerian political Cookie may just be crumbling.

What about the intrigue of zoning, now capitalized along tribal and religious lines by the two largest Political Parties – the APC and PDE, in Nigeria? Is this game of Head or Tail the Nigerian People surely are being shortchanged, not signaling the beginning of the end? Or is Nigeria fast becoming a country that was?

It is only time that will tell but the signs are obviously written boldly in the horizon for all to see, except the children of perdition. Let us wait and see, as the late Bola Ige once said. The Guru is equally waiting.

Tomorrow, ipso facto, The Guru continues with the Nigerian People’s Parliament – a program he started last week at the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, to decode all the coded areas of the Nigerian narrations and trajectories. Professor Joseph Abugu – a Senior Advocate Nigeria and professor of Law at the University of Lagos and Barrister Fred Nzeako; an erudite Lawyer and an accomplished Development Economist, remain in tomorrow’s Parliament convened by The Guru.

All are therefore invited to join the conversation through phone calls and all other media platforms.

Godwin Etakibuebu [The Guru]



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