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Professor Ibiyemi Olatunji Bello – Lagos State University Vice Chancellor; she is my Special Guest tomorrow.


The journey – The Guru on air at Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, started on Monday,l October 1, 2018. I was driven to the studio of the radio station on 26 Keffi Street, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, on that Monday morning, by my friend and son – Aghogho Etakibuebu.

We arrived by 0700 hours and I presented myself to the Reception Desk, where l met with two very beautiful damsels. One was Bisi while the second was Amara. While Amara has moved on in search of greener pasture, Bisi remains still with MegaLectrics – no more as a receptionist but now a news caster with Naija FM; one of the four stable radio stations operated by MegaLectrics, within that domain of Keffi Street.

We settled down at the reception until Sadiq [surname Ademola but known on air as Sadiq] came downstairs from the studio to take me upstairs. That day, ditto that hour, marked the beginning of my journey as The Guru on air with Lagos Talks 91.3 FM. And the journey has been most successful from that day till date, in my interpretation anyway.

The journey, which is clocking Three Years tomorrow, Monday, October 4, 2021, has remained uninterrupted through these past 3 years, to the glory of God. It is only Him; talking of Baba God, that could have made it possible, and with abundance of grace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and good health. I return all the glory to Him!

And to all my listeners and followers all over the globe, I am most grateful because it is the consciousness that you are there, that keeps me going. I would have been nothing without you. All of you are my beloved leaders – my credible sources of inspiration. I salute all of you most fervently!

I cannot forget my first Presenter in the show; a man who became blended and acquitted with my style with some electronic speed, for at least two years, before that urge of continuous search for greener pasture moved him to another zone of conquering; the distinguished charismatic Sadiq [Sadiq & The Guru]. I salute him!

Sadiq’s successor is the most humbled, most respectful – a man with fear of God, a young man of great substance and a devotee to things of dignified righteousness; Adu [Adu & The Guru], remains first among equals, in my personal evaluation. Adu Ayeni, l cherish you!

What shall l say about the Management of MegaLectrics and the Octopus driver behind the wheel of that great vehicle [MegaLectrics] of successful voyage; the Managing Director known as Chris Ubosi?

Chris, you are wonderful, fantastic, humble, respectful and humane, in every area of human endeavours. I pray that you will live long enough to enjoy the fruit of your labour and that God will honour you hundredfold in return, because of the conspicuous way you always honour me. I salute you and your team of management!

This narration is not an odyssey of “my times in Lagos Talks 91.3 FM”. No, it is to refresh our memory of how this journey, which is accumulating into 3 years tomorrow started. Let us just call it a voyage of discovering along historical perspective. Such narration, with historical built-up remains a necessary tool of constructing tomorrow because a people without history would always be people in annihilation. And, may God not allow us to be such people.

Ipso facto, tomorrow is a very conspicuous day for me; ditto all my followers/listeners all over the globe. And l can assure you that the segment of The Guru on Lagos Talks 91.3 FM has a huge and robust followership all over the Nations of the Earth.

Again, l must confess the fact that this huge success has nothing to do with The Guru himself but it has everything to do with the grace of God upon the man’s life.

So what is happening tomorrow at the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM during the segment of Adu & The Guru?

The usual topical issues’ discussion shall come up, except with one major difference. And that major difference is the launching of a Group, to be known and called “Friends of The Guru”. This is a group of dedicated loyalists and followers of The Guru and his progams/projects; people that have bonded themselves together with an avowed declaration to standby in support of the continuity of what the The Guru stands for.

These Friends of The Guru are ready to demonstrate their total support for The Guru and it will be better for all of us to follow the conversation tomorrow as this launch shall be live on air, at the usual time. You shall hear directly from the launchers by tomorrow, the strategies these cherished Friends of The Guru are bringing to the table of support for their man – The Guru.

Oh, by the way, and lest l forget, I have a very Special Guest in the studio tomorrow. The Special Guest is the newly appointed Vice Chancellor of the Lagos State University; the erudite and scholarly-refined Professor Ibiyemi Olatunji Bello; a woman of substance per excellence. I am looking forward to tomorrow when all of us shall join me in welcoming this shining Star of the Academia to the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM; the only golden radio station of choice with absolute control of respectability within the Nigerian Air Space.

The Guru [Godwin Etakibuebu]






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