My Sunday Broadcast: Nigeria is Being Killed by Incurable Corruption

World Bank commends Yahaya Bello for returning $4.63m - Daily Post Nigeria

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.

Tomorrow is Monday, October 25, 2021, and it is going to be another lively time at the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, as Adu & The Guru come on air starting from 0930 hours. And as usual, there are many challenging and revealing topical issues that shall be coming under the hammer of The Guru.

Some of those issues were carried-over from the past. Some were Pandora Cans of worm opened just last week, while others are coming as new revelations. And it is my candid opinion that all my followers, ditto listeners, have right to a preview session; which is the reason for this exercise. Permit me to add something quickly before commencing the preview proper.

The dynamic of this program is undergoing enlargement by the day. It has touched lives, both positively and negatively, l must say. For example, each societal revelation brought to the public domain by The Guru, threatens some peoples’ empires – empires that the owners would have preferred remain incognito for life. To this group, the revelation made by The Guru comes negatively.

Yet, there is another group of people at the other side of the divide. This must be those benefitting from the revelations being made. The benefactors in this group are of the opinion; and rightfully so of course, that the Nigerian Society, plus the Nigerian people stand to benefit from the revelations, subject to one fact anyway – that the Nigerian Regulators would cause remedies to be effected and the wrongs are put right. Huh!

Unfortunately, are the Nigerian Regulators, ought to be known as Leaders adaptable to carrying out such regulatory roles? Are these Dealers, mistakenly taken for Leaders not leading continually in the game that bury Nigeria in the turbulent waters of corruption? Are most of them; the Dealers called Leaders, not ordained and gazette-certified Undertakers for the burial of the Nigerian State Nation in that designated burial ground of opprobrium?

While we battle in finding appropriate answers to the questions raised above, let us shift the ground to previewing some of the naughty issues coming up tomorrow.

Which other most appropriate way of starting tomorrow than to go back to the unfinished assignment of last week – albeit the Kogi State N20 Billion bailout loan fund; a loan sorted from the Federal Government to enable the State pay salaries of Civil Servants [of the State], but which unfortunately ended up in a Fixed Deposit Account of some individuals?

Read the preambles to the story as lifted from my You Tube Channel [Godwin The Guru], please.

On Monday, October 18, 2021, The Guru (Godwin Etakibuebu) welcomed the Chairman of Lagos State Task Force, Chief Superintendent of Police, Shola Jejeloye, to the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, where activities of the Task Force were critically evaluated.

The Guru also elaborated on different types of atrocities being committed daily in Nigeria, by top Nigerian rulers against the Nigerian State sometimes, or the Nigerian people most times – or even against both most of all the times.

Take for example the case of the Kogi State government and its Governor, in a sophisticated master fraud perpetrated against the people of Kogi State, in connivance with a very big Nigerian Bank. 

Most Kogi State’s Civil Servants have been committing suicide regularly from 2015 for lack of salary payment. The Governor; Yahaya Bello, applied for bailout fund to pay salaries from the Federal Government and this was granted and N20 Billion was released to the State Government, “strictly to pay owed salaries”.

But instead of using the money for the purpose it was meant for, the State Government, according to document signed by its Commissioner for Finance, in conspiracy with the big Nigerian Bank, moved this money from loan account into a fixed deposit account; with expiring fix-date of 2039. This happened in 2019:  meaning the borrowed money was fixed for 20 years for somebody and his family’s benefits.

Meanwhile, Civil Servants keep committing suicide in that State governed by the youngest Governor in Nigeria.

This is an introduction to one of the biggest scandals in Nigeria; just busted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC]], under the leadership of another young regulator – Abdulrasheed Bawa.

One of my sons and a professional colleague reached out to me about 12 hours ago to remind me that the EFCC has withdrawn the charges against the Kogi State Government. What his understanding of the matter was, as he explained it to me, is that EFCC might be apologizing to the State Government.

Huh, could that be true? I doubt it so much, and not with the avalanche of documental facts at my disposal. What I know which must wait till another day for full exposure is that the big bank in question had withdrawn the money from the Fixed Deposit Account, closed down that Account and returned the money to the CBN. But is the case against Kogi State Government ended? I doubt but let us wait for another day for that narration.

We shall also be looking at another area of interest; interest because it is a story waxed and wrapped in secrecy of corruption, as from tomorrow. We shall be shifting our attention back to the Nigerian Ports Authority and a few of its personae dramatis. These personae dramatis, which of course will include the incumbent Acting Managing Director, owe Nigerians some qualitative explanations of the route passed to the wealth they built. I am of the opinion that the doors now opened for many Nigerians to view the inner room of events at that place shall really be interesting.

Yet, there are many other interesting serious topical issues for discussion tomorrow, which should command our full attention, in my own humble opinion, please. It is for this reason that l would advise that we should join the conversation tomorrow at Lagos Talks 91.3 FM. Or where else would you want to be from 0930 – 1100 hours tomorrow if not your preferred golden radio Station?

Permit me to remind you that those dedicated segments of this lovely program, vis-à-vis Historical Perspective, Periscope and Knowledge Dropbox are waiting for you – rejuvenated and enterprising.


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