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The subject that The Guru shall be tackling most seriously in the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM tomorrow, Monday, February 14, 2022, will be the importation of adulterated fuel [PMS] into the country. The reason for this is that if investigative action, on this notorious and deadly business deal, is not hurried up, there is likely of the culprits escaping into their usual palatial kingdoms of celebrations.

What The Guru intends doing tomorrow remains his logical conclusions of helping President Muhammadu Buhari to fish out these Nigerians that are more deadly than the cobra snake in their avowed methodology of selling Nigeria and Nigerians for self-aggradation.

Already, President Buhari has vowed that “Importers of dirty fuel must be held accountable”. That language is simple enough. What our beloved President; a man with penchant hatred for corruption, and doing all his best to kill and bury corruption before it [corruption] kills Nigeria, has said is that everyone involved in bringing KILLER’s fuel into this over-blessed country must be punished.

So what The Guru has embarked in doing – because he [The Guru] started this mission about 5 days ago when he got in touch with nearly all the companies mentioned by the Almighty NNPC as responsible for bringing the adulterated fuel into the country, is to assist the President in fulfilling his vow. He is ready to punish these criminals, so The Guru thinks. And for sure, he [the President] needs help.

Why will such help, in assisting the President, comes from the The Guru endeavours – you may want to ask? It is for the reason that President Muhammadu Buhari needs Nigerians [not the elite political Nigerians] to help him to succeed in delivering Nigeria from the Monsters-Dealers parading themselves as Leaders or Messiahs.

The Guru is not the only one involved. Every Nigerian that wants to see this country [Nigeria] surviving must rise up in helping President Buhari, because the Political Predators around the President are too many, and too strong for him alone to handle. It is an established fact of history that this Generic of Predators helped in bringing him to Power, both in 2015 and 2019. He needs our help to break free in doing what we think he should do.

Another reason why we must assist the President to bring the importers of this adulterated fuel to book is in the narration of the importation itself.

To start with, the fact Nigerians have about fuel importation is that it is an exclusive responsibility of the NNPC – this exclusivity; assigned to the Organisation by the President started in 2016. That is on one hand, while in the hand; President Buhari – being the Minister of Petroleum Resources – with a cosmetic-window-dressed Minister of State helping him, cannot be exonerated from every happening at the NNPC.

It is for these two reasons that Nigerians are not too contended with the music now being played about this market disaster. How can the NNPC; a major suspected culprit in this matter be the one telling us who the culprits are?

Or how can one expect President Buhari; the de-facto and de-jury Minister of Petroleum Resources, be the person that should be leading investigation to this great malfeasance of monumental dimension. There shall obviously be miscarriage of justice if Mr President remains the Chief Investigating Officer of this case.

For the reason of natural justice both the President and the NNPC must be removed from participating in the inevitable interrogation of this malady. Yes, President Buhari cannot be suspended from office while the investigation goes on but the Group Managing Director of the NNPC – Mele Kolo Kyari and all his Executives, must go on suspension until the culprits of this disaster are made known.

Permit The Guru to place a fact on record here, and now. Almost all major industry players mentioned by the NNPC as responsible for the importation of the adulterated fuel have denied involvement. MRS, in a Press release denied involvement. Ditto Oando and Emadeb Oil. These denied with facts.

Only one that obviously could not come to the denial market and that is Duke Oil. And Duke Oil is NNPC subsidiary. Worse still is the fact that Duke Oil was incorporated in 1989 in Panama as an offshore shell company. There might be something like Pandora Paper coming into revelation on this NNPC Subsidiary – Duke Oil.

What The Guru has done, obviously and maybe because of the limitation of his knowledge on this matter, is gathering of Professionals and Experts to discuss the matter tomorrow, at the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, starting from 0930 hours. These are Professionals that have grip of the Petroleum Industry across Nigerian frontiers. Be prepared to join the conversation, and you will be glad for doing so.

Godwin Etakibuebu; a veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.



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