My Sunday Broadcast: The two deadly moral burdens Nigeria currently carries


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DCP Abba Kyari and his alleged companion in crime – Hushppupi



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Group Managing Director of NNPC – Mele Kolo Kyari


There are two deadly moral burdens hanging on the Nigerian State for now, and each of the two could have far-reaching deadly effect on the country. It is not that Nigeria has much credibility when it comes to issue of moral standard.

That is one entity that has almost taken total flight from our shore long time ago. But these two deadly morel burdens will surely enhance our moral decadency further, and may sink us into the infamy abyss of opprobrium.

These two can be proportionately befitting, in the comparative analysis, into the position of historical Sword of Damocles. What is the Sword of Damocles? We need the answer as such interpretation would help us to fully understand our current predicament. Let us go for the meaning of the Sword of Damocles first before coming back to evaluate our own SWORD – two deadly swords as a matter of fact.

Sword of Damocles is defined as “an impending disaster”. The sword of Damocles was a real sword, hung over the head of Damocles in the palace of King Dionysius 11, in the city of Syracouse, in Sicily, in the   4th century B.C.

Damocles is a character who appears in an anecdote commonly referred to as ”the Sword of Damocles”, an allusion to the imminent and ever-present peril faced by those in positions of power. Let us take the key-words here – imminent and ever-present peril faced by those in Position of Power, and run down the lane for the discussion at hand; which is the two deadly moral burdens Nigeria currently carries.

The first of these two disgraceful moral burdens is about the most decorated and spoken about officer in the Nigeria Police Force – Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari. His fall from grace to grass started sometimes late last year when the American Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] linked him with a Nigerian international fraudster Hushppupi. Warrant of arrest was issued by a court of competent jurisdiction in the United States against the Super Cop for him to be brought to the US for trial.

While the Nigerian Authority was digging deeper to find a leeway of political solutions, the mess created by Abba Kyari increased as the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency [NDLEA] roped him in, for being an octopus in the drug cartel, allegedly though.

Abba Kyari case; from Hushppupi in America to being a great pillar in the drug cartel, remains one mighty Sword of Damocles hanging on Nigeria.

The second of the two disgraceful moral burdens is the adulterated fuel imported by the Nigerian Government, through its agency – Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation [NNPC] early this month.

The facts we need to know about the adulterated fuel and the culprits that imported it are not being told, either by the Nigerian President; who incidentally is the Minister of Petroleum Resources or the Group Managing Director of the NNPC; who is the Chairman of the culprit-importer of the dirty [another name they called the adulterated fuel] fuel – Duke Oil.

Yet, facts made available in the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM last week Monday, February 14, 2022, about the role-play of THE Nigerian President, NNPC and its subsidiary – Duke Oil, that imported the adulterated fuel, gave Nigerians enough food for thought.

Yet, it is like Nigerians are sleeping on their rights over these two obnoxious destructive issues.

This Sword of Damocles appropriately hanging on Nigeria for now shall never go away so easily, until we – Nigerians, do a thorough self-cleansing. And until that action is taken genuinely, Nigeria shall remain in the world’s market place of international opprobrium.

The Guru shall continue the discussion tomorrow, by the grace of God, under the segment of Adu [it shall be Michelle tomorrow] & The Guru, as from 0930 hours. Join the discussion please. The Guru assures you of the remaining spices of the show – Historical Perspective, Periscope and Knowledge Dropbox, shall all be inclusive.

Godwin Etakibuebu; a veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.



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