My Sunday Broadcast: There Are Issues At Home And Abroad


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The Guru returns again – like always and every Monday, tomorrow, February 28, 2022, for his critical and rigorous assignment of scintillatingly discussing topical issues on air, at Lagos Talks 91.3 FM – with Adu or Michelle, assisting. He starts off from 0930 hours and shall remain on air till 1100 hours.

There are always loads of issues – both nationally and internationally, at any given day to be discussed. And tomorrow shall not be different, except that we might be picking one of the most challenging international discuss of the moment.

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia [24 February 2022] is the heaviest debacle on the globe today, we should be discussing the invasion and its implication to the whole world, tomorrow. Many, and these are really the uninitiated, did not see it coming while a proportionate number of classically initiated world citizens knew that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia was inevitable – and for many reasons too.

First, the Russian Chief Terrorist; Vladimir Putin, invaded Georgia, in August 2008 and later, in February and March 2014, Russia invaded, and subsequently annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. It has remained a trend that world political analyst had read, decoded and interpreted.

There shall surely be urgent and cogent needs to discuss the Ukraine’s invasion by the Russian Government tomorrow because without discussing it we might not be able to take a deeper journey into the secretive wicked ambition place of Vladimir Putin’s heart.

The man has a terrorizing ambition to conquer many territories through outright invasion or by annexation without thinking of the consequences of his actions on the wider world. And like the typical Communist, it is most difficult to know what is in his heart.

But suffice to admit that the man – Vladimir Putin, from his days as a young officer of the Komutet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti [KGB]; the Secret Service of the old Soviet Union, but now called Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation [FSB], he has acquired and developed  sharper skills of outwitting and surviving.

Those countries who are military giants of the world need to handle him very tactically with care. Yet, they must watch him very closely because the man – Vladimir Putin, cherishes a deadly ambition to conquer the world.

That looks much like his ultimate goal, the same way Adolf Hitler of Germany aspired to go. He shall surely fall just like Adolf Hitler, except that if the world’s military Super Power Countries will not be tactical enough, this mad over-ambitious man could throw the whole would into the most dreaded Third World War. God forbid this.

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Back home, President Muhammadu Buhari disappointed nearly everyone by signing the Electoral Reformation Bill passed by the Nigerian National Assembly – most members of the latter were among those disappointed.

Now, Nigerians have at their disposal a brand new transparent reformative law that could take them from era of analogue to the arena of digitalization as the Independent National Electoral Commission can easily deploy whatever level of technology for prosecution of our elections. We must salute Muhammadu Buhari; the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, for this befitting achievement.

After Five times of rejecting same the President eventually summoned courage in signing it to law. What remains now is the Regulators that will deploy technology into the political electioneering processes, the political predators that had, hitherto used to “do or die” politics, but who must now have a second look by giving decency and fair-play a place of honour, and of course, the electors that must learn to shun vote-selling at whatever cost.

The question however will be inevitable – what were those dynamics that led Buhari into signing the Electoral Bill into Law?

All these shall be coming under the hammer of The Guru’s discussion tomorrow, by the grace of God.

Join The Guru and the conversation tomorrow, again, at Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, starting from 0930 hours.

The Historical Perspective, the Periscope and Knowledge Dropbox are coming richer tomorrow than ever before – all these are from your Golden Radio Station of choice, the only radio station we all must hooked to.

Godwin Etakibuebu; a veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.



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    As usual well loaded and insightful looking forward to hearing from you the Guru tomorrow morning remain blessed always sir

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