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What was left of Kuje Correctional Centre



President Buhari at Kuje to see things for himself  – what did he hear before hand and what did he see wheJUST IN: Buhari hits Kuje Prison after terrorists' attack (Photos) - P.M.  News

President Buhari at Kuje to see things after the disaster.  What did he hear before hand and what did he see when he got there?


As we meet in the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM tomorrow, July 11, 2022, under the segment of Adu & The Guru – starting from 0930 – 1100 hours, our menu containing usually topical issues for discussion might not be taking supreme priority position because there is a topical issue trending over and above every other issue on the land of Nigeria today.

So, The Guru should be excused as he detours from the usual to the very unusual, which is the revelation of the hidden thought of our leaders as against the lies they have bluntly fed us with in these past Seven years or thereabout, about Security. With the true state of Security, being revealed by God; because human being couldn’t have made this public, another factual revelation, which is how corruption killed and buried Nigeria, is now exposed with facts.

On the night of Tuesday last week – July 5, 2022, terrorists stormed Abuja; Nigeria’s capital city;  where the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, operates from, and they [the Terrorists] were able to unleashed their wills, rules and regulations on the Nigerian State; ditto on Two Hundred and Six million Nigerians, at the Kuje Community of the Federal Capital Territory.

Yet, we have reasons to be glad in thanking God for limiting the Terrorists to Kuje and the Correctional Centre [called Prison until most recently] only. For, if not for God the Almighty, these terrorists would have over-run and brought Abuja and its seat of power to total submission. Every other thing would have become history – albeit sad history, by now. We, ipso facto, have God to thank for his personal intervention.

Of course, there are some Nigerians that would want to argue against me that I am wrong in this submission. They would say that there is no power on the earth that could shake the Rock in the Villa called Aso. These very few, representing less than 10% of Nigerians, that could come out antagonizing my presentation in this exercise, are members of the few that have taken larger Nigerians for granted, and they are those who have stolen the country silly.

Let us straighten the records a little by presenting some facts of interrogation in this exercise, as such could help us to know where exactly we are in the issue of national Security, amidst many other things. Such interrogation would also help in identifying the person of President Muhammadu Buhari, his thought and projection for Nigeria – ab initio when he was fighting those many democratic battles of his life for electoral victory.

For example, Nigerians now have it on authority of information that before the Kuje Correctional Center was attacked; where the Nigeria Security Apparatus was reduced to shamble and the sovereignty of our Statehood was demystified, the Directorate of the State Services [DSS] gave intelligence report of imminent attack by terrorists on Kuje. What did the President – Muhammadu Buhari, do with the report?

Two, the negotiator between the Federal Government of Nigeria and terrorists that attacked the Abuja-Kaduna train; 103 days ago, Malam Tukur Manu, disclosed that he informed the government about a planned attack on Kuje Correctional Centre by Boko Haram terrorists but was ignored. What did the Commander-in-Chief do with that intelligence report, from a highly rated Nigerian in the zone of “reaching out to the forests’ principalities and powers”?

Let us cast our minds back, that a few days before the new lords of the of the Nigerian land-space “visited” Kuje, the President’s security convoy going to secure Daura before Oga’s coming home, was ambushed and at the end of the story, the people said to have been wounded were not from the terrorists side but from President Buhari’s camp – his security outfit.

On the same day that the President’s Security outfit was outwitted by the terrorists, another highly placed Police officer; an Assistant Commissioner of Police – Aminu Umar, was killed in Katsina by terrorists.

Back to the Kuje Correctional Centre, different languages have been heard from the Federal Government side but the most important and salient we can run away with should be the one that came from the Minister of Police Affairs – Mohammed Maigari Dingyadi. He said that the Terrorists that came to Kuje outnumbered the Nigerian Security outfit and that those terrorists came with superior weapons.

This was what the Minister told the whole world. It became so necessary therefore to ask President Buhari to comment or confirm the statement of his Minister, who probably would have spoken on his behalf.

There are many things Nigerians want to, and must, know from their President – Muhammadu Buhari, but most significantly is to ask the president of the interest group he is representing – the Nigerian people that voted him into office or the group of terrorists that are now overrunning the land?

This very naughty issue is overshadowing the Nigerian landscape in the incoming days, weeks or months until the President set the records straight, or until hands over to his successor on May 29, 2023.

This also shall remain The Guru’s engagement in the coming days – starting from tomorrow.

This Court adjourns – C.O.U.R.T

Godwin Etakibuebu; a veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.




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    Sad. But what else can be said that has not been said before today. There was Country by Chinwa Achebe is now a must read for me!

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