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For that to happen; talking of kidnapping the Nigeria’s sitting President – either from the Presidential Aso Rock Villa, Abuja Metropolis, Daura Town, anywhere in Kastina State, or even in Monrovia in Liberia; where President Buhari might be going to lecture them again, on how to package security for a country, there must be some narrations that can make it possible.

But for now the Nigerian Solid Association of Terrorists [NSAOT] – one very formidably solid Association not registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC]; a legal Body empowered by the Nigerian government to authenticate existence of organizations/companies/enterprises in Nigeria, has said it would kidnap the Nigerian President; Muhammadu Buhari, and one other man. The other man the Terrorists mentioned for kidnapping is the incumbent Governor of Kaduna State; Malam Nasir El-Rufai.

We need to evaluate this “topic” assiduously. Sorry, did l call it “topic”? Forgive me please. It is an error of the mind and not of the heart for me to have called it TOPIC, because what Nigerians – ditto the whole world, heard from the Terrorists is a Pronounced Decree or an Executive Order already signed into Law.

Now, let us embark on the journey of evaluating, very critically of course, this issue of kidnapping Muhammadu Buhari and his very close pal; Nasir El-Rufai, and “taking them to the forest” for Nigeria and Nigerians to negotiate the ransom. Taking the two men – Buhari and El Rufai, to the forest was the actual language of the Terrorist who granted the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] the interview.

One, President Buhari did not comment on the video clip of the interview granted by the Terrorist, who spoke on behalf of the Nigerian Solid Association of Terrorists [NSAOT]. His mute default mode is not embarrassing to Nigerians as it is not the character of Buhari to communicate with Nigerians.

What about his Media Managers? On this occasion, apart from Femi Adesina, who heavily insulted Nigerians by calling those that said something about the authoritative statement of the Terrorists anarchists, they all remained in mute mode. Is this not a terrible situation? Yes, it is. But the reason of being incommunicado this time around was later revealed to us by Nasir El Rufai. Listen to what the Kaduna State Governor revealed.

“What happened within this week is what made me seek to see the President and I called him that I needed to see him. So, he gave me an appointment for Sunday and I went to see him. Then, I told him about the recent developments, particularly the video released by the terrorists. In fact, up till that moment, he was not even aware. So, the following day, Monday, the Zamfara Governor, Bello Mattawalle confirmed to him, that he even saw the video, so we need to take action”.

The bottom line is that the President – our beloved President Muhammadu Buhari, did not even know that the Nigerian Solid Association of Terrorists [NSAOT] has concluded plan to kidnap him. It took the Kaduna State Governor to alert him, and when there was doubt in Buhari’s mind about the authenticity of the information El Rufai brought to him, Bello Mattawalle; Governor of Zamfara State, had to come in as a collaborator of the information. It was only at that point that Mr President believed.

Having agreed with the two senior messengers – El Rufai and Mattawalle, on the matter what plan did Buhari presented to defend himself; himself this time and not even Nigerians? We were not told of any one. Isn’t that whom our President is – always in the mute mode? Isn’t this sad for Nigerians?

May be, Dr Reuben Abati; a man who once operated the office, which Shehu Garba operates for Muhammadu Buhari currently, under President Goodluck Jonathan, comments on this topical issue would be more instructive. Listen to his thought.

“There are many Nigerians asking the question- what is president Muhammadu Buhari, aware of? And when they ask such cheeky question, it’s this type of situation they are referring to. So, El Rufai’s claim that he was the one that informed the president on Sunday that terrorists were threatening to abduct him is shocking because the president of the country is the chief security officer of the entire country; he is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. On a daily basis, he receives security reports from NIA- the intelligence agency, from the Department of State Services, the DMI, and he receives summary of major news of the day from the office of the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity.

“So, it’s strange that the president of a country like Nigeria will not be aware of anything when he has access to the highest level of intelligence that is possible in the country. Even if he does not read the documents on his table, he has people who would brief him”.

Dr Abati queries further: “Could it be out of sycophancy or fear, or timidity that those who brief the president could not have drawn his attention to the video that went viral? Garba Shehu told us the other time that the president likes to watch television, and looks at cartoons. There have been enough cartoons and stories on this matter. So, if he missed it on the security documents, there’s no way he will miss it in the cartoons”.

How many Nigerians would sincerely argued against the threat of the Terrorists by saying they are just bluffing and that they cannot do any? If there are Nigerians that can say this, would they be saying it from the bottom of their hearts? Would they be able to go to bed and sleep now?

It is for this reason that The Guru finds it appropriate to bring the matter under discussion tomorrow at the Studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, commencing from 0930 hours. And you are being invited to join the discussion, through telephone and all other social medium platforms, please.

Godwin Etakibuebu; a veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.



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