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President Muhammadu Buhari and his spokesman on Media – Malam Garba Shehu


Malam Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, during an appearance on one of Nigerian’s credible Television Channels – Trust TV, made a very bold revelation of what the Buhari’s administration intends doing very soon to “those important personalities behind oi theft in the country”.

That must be a welcomed development on the surface of the discussion. Of course, a Nigerian government that can raise and combined confidence to naming notorious criminals that threatened the total submission of the country’s sovereignty must be commended. It is exactly what the citizenry of Nigeria expected and in fact, have been clamouring for in ages. So, Garba Shehu spoke well.

However, there might be one or two major questions arising from his boast on what the government shall be doing along this line. These questions are necessary because there remains, always, a big gap between talking the talk and walking the talk. While talking the talk is cheaper, walking the talk is slightly harder and tighter.

There are no qualms talking the talk but there are always identifiable challenges walking the talk. And of course, it has not been proven, within the last Seven Years that President Buhari and his government have been able to change and soften the narration between talking the talk and walking the talk

If there is anything President Buhari and his administration have established on this topical adage, it is the fact that the President lacked the courage, temerity, audacity and capacity to “walk a talk”.

He would rather give an instruction and easily forgets the instruction given – more of a deliberately designed habit in hiding behind failed capacity to lead. It is an orchestrated norm of interpreting a designed mannerism of not having the capacity of carrying out expected responsibility.

We should, however, take deeper interpretation of what Garba Shehu said because he is a very formidable member of the Buhari’s Kitchen Cabinet Member – even, those few Nigerians that have full knowledge of the Cabal that drives the Buhari presidency, mark Garba out as occupying higher ranking of those who slashed control of the government from our President.

President Buhari’s wife; Aisha Buhari, attested to the fact of some men hijacking the government away from her husband at a time during the first tenure of this administration. Garba Shehu might just be one of these Madam was referring to in that bitter discussion.

Let us return back to the pronouncement made by Garba Shehu to the effect that the government shall “soon reveal the identities of important personalities behind oil theft in the country”.

While that would be welcomed gladdening news, as l earlier said, it however could be said that it is a pronouncement without backing power of execution.

For example, it is on record that the United Arab Emirate [UAE] submitted to the Nigerian government; under this same President Buhari, Four Hundred names of Nigerians sponsoring and financing Boko Haram terrorism in the country, but up till moment the federal government lacked the interest and capacity to charge these people so indicted to court.

That is even not the worse aspect of the narrative. The most deadly aspect of the matter on the Four Hundred names submitted to the Nigerian government was explained to Nigerians by this same Garba Shehu about six months ago.

President Muhammadu Buhari and the government are not interested in naming and shaming these 400 people named as financials of Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria. Wasn’t that a wonderfully coded language that explains why the battle against banditry, insurgency and terrorism is already a lost venture in Nigeria?

Why therefore will Nigerians take with seriousness what Garba Shehu has just said about revealing the names of top Nigerians that are aiding oil theft in the Niger Delta region? It is an assignment that President Buhari can never embark upon, and for reasons.

If you want to know and understand why President Buhari dare not passing that route, take a closer study of why he is protecting in perpetuity, those that were handed over to him as financials of Boko Haram insurgency.

Or crosscheck the facts why the man – President Buhari, was so reluctant in taking the battle to Fulani terrorists that operated in the North-West forests for such a long time. Hope you have not come to a wrong conclusion that there was no reason?

However there is a great advantage in what Garba Shehu revealed, because his statement has proved that the Federal Government knows those oil thieves operating in the Niger Delta creek against our national connective interest.

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