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It can never be totally and entirely The Guru’s responsibility to catch those thieves allegedly stealing Nigerian OIL, which is vanishing from the oil Kingdom of the Niger Delta Region of the country on daily basis.

What he [The Guru] can do is to provoke and elongate a more coordinated efforts in getting the thieves arrested, by setting an appropriate template of achieving the target. And this is what he is continuing in the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, tomorrow, September 12, 2022, starting from 0930 hours, at the segment of Adu & The Guru where hot topical issues come up for analysis.

So what is happening tomorrow morning in the studio couldn’t have been the beginning of efforts of knowing the thieves and catching them, but instead, it will be a very serious effort of bringing people with different background in diversified professions together to discuss the methodology of getting the thieves hurled in –into the bar of opprobrium and possibly, jai.

One thing The Guru can assure is that the time and hour to catch them – talking of the thieves, have come. There is nothing as good as an issue that its time has come.

About Six months ago, or thereabout, The Guru announced his One-Man search for the oil thieves in the Niger Delta. He went, he saw and when he returned, he announced what his findings were.  He told us that he saw the thieves vividly in operations, or in action.

He said that those thieves whom he saw stealing our oil are wealthy, men of timber and caliber – in the words of the late political gladiator: Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe of blessed memory. He added that the thieves are men of political balloons, leaders and rulers of epitome classes, men that their words remain a binding order.

Don’t forget that he mentioned that the practical thieves he met in operation have one rule of survival – they are all men – and women [few women anyway] that have an allegiance to one overbearing Authority; and that is the Government at the Central – Abuja Supremacy.

But above all, The Guru concluded that they are men with enough authority to decree death as I.O.U of any mortal wanting to stand their ways.

The Rules and Regulation of the game for these thieves that operate without honour and consciences have not changed. They abide by the terminology of the Omerta – death for Nigeria and Nigerians.

However there is suddenly a blinker of light in this hitherto dark tunnel of THE NIGERIAN KINGDOM OF SOPHISTICATED THIEVES, which has helped exposure and the likely possibility of arrests.

But wait a moment. Exposure might not be anything near difficult path to trend. What about arresting them, prosecuting them and jailing them. The latter stands a critical test of failure as President Muhammadu Buhari have not established adequate prowess of embarking on such journey, either for the reason of him not knowing or not willing to know. Let us not even go there at all.

The Nigerian Peoples’ Parliament, which The Guru gathered at a time, but went on recess; thank God, it did not adjourn sine die, is reconvening as from tomorrow to help in bringing solution to this challenge.

This is made possible because of the fact that the gods of the land are not sleeping. Otherwise, the thieves would not be revealing dirty things about themselves. They are all now singing like canary birds; in different tunes and accord though.

Or what will you make of the Chief of Naval Staff accusing top management of the NNPC as being involved in the regularity of oil theft going on in the country 24/7?

This accusation is happening at a time that the Nigerian Navy is fighting the toughest battle of its life on issue of credibility – by not being able to arrest a foreign vessel that came to Nigeria, stole [loaded – from one of the loading bays probably] Three Million Barrels of Crude oil and sailed out of Nigerian waters without any challenge from the watchdogs {Nigerian Navy] of the Nigerian waters.

Or isn’t a shame that the NNPC; which once declared that it did not have the exact number of litres of PMS [petrol] Nigerians consumed per day, to suddenly come up now with Six Hundred Million Litres per day; all because somebody at top there in the NNPC and the Ministry of Petroleum Resources must draw enough fuel subsidy that could take Nigeria to the land of no-return?

Above all, all Nigerian big men of the notorious kingdom of thieves have sworn to a total conspiracy theory of confusing Nigerians on what is been stolen – is it Crude Oil or PMS; refined Product?

We are bringing senses and meaning to the definition of what is going on with our crude oil and petrol [PMS] tomorrow for Nigerians. What you shall be hearing tomorrow is just the genesis of the journey because we may be going for many weeks before arriving the POINT of LOGICALITY.

The Guru knows nothing about this World of Mafioso hence he is bringing professionals – starting with three gentlemen, tomorrow.

All shall be happening at Lagos Talks 91.3 FM and your Anchorman remains the same personality – The Guru.

You cannot afford not keeping date with us, ipso facto.

Godwin Etakibuebu; a veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.



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    Only Restructuring anchored on true fiscal federalism can save Nigeria from her political and economic doldrums and ensure her prosperity.

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