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President Muhammadu Buhari needs help to write his Handover Notes


Whatever it is in life that began surely has a terminal date. It is just one of those natural laws that operate and administer the universe. Ipso facto, the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration that started on a particular date some years ago is gradually coming to an end. Counting from today, October 23, 2022, Buhari’s administration terminates in 7 months and 6 days’ time, by May 29, 2023.

And it is for this reason that some of us – I say “some of us” because l am suspecting that many others across the country would want to do as I have chosen to do [though I am surer of myself only for now on this voyage of assisting] have chosen to help the man; Buhari, in preparing his handing over notes. This self-assigned responsibility, which must obviously be a very tedious one, does not come without a cause.

One of the reasons why l must take up this assignment is the fact that waiting on the man –Muhammadu Buhari, to write his odyssey might be a wait in eternity. And this would be for many reasons too.

Information from those who are very close to the man have submitted, at different times that the man; Muhamaddu Buhari – either as a Major General or President, lacks the lucid acumen of speedy writing. It is not that the man doesn’t write but the interest that is supposedly to ginger his swagger in that direction does not just exist.

It means he writes if he wants to, except the urge of doing that piece of assignment is either not there or is just left him. He needs to be helped at all times.

Why would those of us wanting to help him for the writing of the handing over note willing to come in on board when he has not invited us? Could it be that he lacks those that should be doing the job for him that is forcing us to come in? Where are the Shehu Garbas, the Femi Adesinas, the Lai Mohammeds and scores of their types in the world of Buhari to do this work? And, even more importantly, who is begging us to come and carry out this work of charity – because that is what it might turned out to become at the end?

Permit me to speak for my humble-self only for now, please. I am offering to do it because of my suspicion that should we allow these people, or any of them, mentioned in the paragraph above, to complete the handing over notes, at the point of it being handed over to Nigerians, the rigous of separating fallacies from facts would take many years beyond this generation to accomplished. That is why l am jumping into the boat. Take not please, that I am not jumping outside the boat because there was no time I was there, inside the boat, before.

There must still be more reasons why it should be mandatory for “helpers of destinies” to compulsorily come around to do the work so as to present an intact facts of history to Nigeria’s future generations and posterity.

There are too many cracked walls in the Buhari’s trajectory that have been patched.  Some were professionally patched, though with hidden scars; some patches were carried out with undecorated of mediocrity; while in some, attempt of patching up was never contemplated by the unskilled skilled men of the era.

It holds therefore that should the presentation of handing over notes be initiated by these people or their principal – Sei-baba himself, what shall arrive at the other side of anchorage would be nothing less than unmitigated catastrophe of historical documentation,

For example, will adequate time and narration be given to Muhammadu Buhari’s real intent of his Mission to Discovery, or putting it more succinctly, what he intended achieving in his voyage, using Nigeria as the Vessel of navigation? Will the writers from his enclave and clime be able to tell future Nigerians and posterity where and how he failed in his mission?

For sure, those essentials shall be missing from the handing over notes should we allow these men or their Principal to do the job. Why can’t someone else [or some patriots] help in putting this exclusive job together on behalf of our beloved President Muhammadu Buhari for future Nigerians? It is only by so doing that there shall never be a tragedy of history of a country he almost put asunder.

This onerous responsibility is commencing from this night and all of us – both in Nigeria and around the globe, shall be thrilled at the end, when the Compendium of the Narration of Facts of Muhammadu Buhari’s Era shall be presented to the public for historical evaluation.

Other issues

Tomorrow, Monday, October 24, 2022, at the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, starting from 0930 hours, The Guru shall be bringing into detailed discussion the political brouhaha in Delta State within the family of the People Democratic Party [PDP] – a challenge that ought to have been resolved without going to court in the first place if reasons were prevailed, or if the Urhobo Progress Union [UPU] – the Social Geopolitical Cultural organization which is the mother Umbrella of the Urhobo people worldwide, did not take a wrong and divisive steps of endorsing David Edevwie ahead of all other Urhobo politicians.

This is not to say that litigation through the adjudicated interrogation of jurisprudence process in the courts is anything wrong. No, it is a good process to follow, except that there is an idiom within the Urhobo people that says “friendship is lost after coming back from court”.

In this case, which was judiciously decided by the Supreme Court a few days ago, all the characters involved are members of the PDP, they are all from Delta State, but above all is the fact that they are all Urhobo people. David Edevwie and Sheriff Oborevwori are both leaders of the same PDP in their individual’s rights.

I hope they should be able to work together in a United House, which is not adopting a “unifying factor” of the PDP Unifier – Atiku Abubakar.

The Guru shall be having the Lagos Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps – Mr Olusegun Ogungbemide, as his Guest tomorrow, by the grace of God. Kindly join the discussion at your golden radio station of choice through phone and other social media platforms.

You are welcome to the exclusive world of The Guru

Godwin Etakibuebu; a veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.



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