My Sunday Broadcast: THE GURU WELCOMES YOU TO 2023

Today, by the grace of God, and for those of us standing tall in the land of the living, has become the first day of the first week; in the first month of the great year of our Lord – Jesus Christ, 2023. We arrived here purely by the grace of God, and has nothing to do with our personal wisdom, knowledge, understanding. Eighter has anything to do with our prowess in manipulation and permutation.

It was not because of the capacities of ourselves’ defence mechanism. Nor did it depend on a lifestyle of living like the man who saw tomorrow; that French astrologer and physician – Michel Nostradamus. We saw nothing of tomorrow at all!

We crossed over entirely on His mercies and grace. We owe Him multitude of gratitude. We should be saying “thank You God” every day of lives. It remains His mercies that we are what and where we are, and to Him alone be all the glory forever and ever.

The Guru welcomes you to this very essential year of 2023. Yes, 2023 is a very peculiar year for many reasons.

It is the year that Nigeria’s General Elections is holding. And this will be happening, first on Saturday, February 25 – Presidential, while Saturday, March 11, comes for the remaining ones. These dates must be seen as very crucial for all of us – Nigerians, because these are elections that could make or mar Nigeria. Hopefully, it shall complete the making of our great country; reinstating the fact that Nigeria is the giant of Africa.

Again, and against the background of some promises made by President Muhammadu Buhari, these elections shall be peaceful. Our beloved President is even now in hurry to depart the Abuja presidential Aso Rock Villa to his home-town – Daura in Katsina State. He equally added that he would not be missing anything in Abuja; after he would have handed over to his successor on May 29, 2023, that would warrant any attempt of visiting – maybe, and only unless he would be attending the Council of State meeting. This itself, is a very rear meeting that could hold once in a year.

Yes, the 2023 general elections might be looking very tense to some keen observers, given the body swagger and unmoderated languages of violence, being spoken most of the personae dramatis of the political class, the Presidents keeps telling us of his determination of leaving one endurable legacy – and that is of free and fair election for us. He even assured the international community at the United Nation General Assembly of this.

But above all these, President Muhammadu Buhari recently told Nigerians that whosever wins the election, at every segment of contestation, would take the dividends of democratic voting. This is very reassuring on incoming credible elections.

There are many other comfortable assurances of free and fair elections coming, starting from just about 54 days from today. The year 2023, therefore stands tall, with hope

Again, The Guru welcomes you to this great year of hope!

So, as The Guru steps into the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM tomorrow, under the segment of Adu & The Guru, starting from 0930 – 1100 hours, we shall dance for few minutes in appreciating God who made it possible for us in crossing over from the dreaded 2022, into 2023 – a great year of hope.

We shall bring few subjects of national discuss into interrogation tomorrow. We cannot just jettison matters that are currently going on at the Nigerian National Assembly and some humongous happening that are undermining our connective survival as a nation? We will do justice to them.

And of course, The Guru brings alive again the Historical Perspective, Periscope and ever-loved Knowledge Dropbox.

Join the conversation tomorrow through phone-in, and all other social media platforms.

Again, happy New Year

Godwin Etakibuebu [The Guru].

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