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I was never.

I have not been.

And, for sure, l shall never be.

A prophet of doom.

I have always lived my life, physically and spiritually, very positively about everything.

My dearly beloved country inclusive.


The caption of this piece: the Nigerian political atmosphere is becoming darker, might be suggesting something negative. Or so it looks like. Yes, it is like that, and there is no way one wants to explain it, the truth is that the Nigerian political cloud is not too clear for objectivity’s reading.

The political oracle; if there is any identifiable one, might even not be able to be more forthcoming with the darkened political weather in Nigeria currently. If it looks that much for any oracle to interpret, then you will be willing to forgive this writer. He is nothing but a mere Political Technocrat. And for every individual, there is always limit of endeavours.

Let us take some cursory interpretation of a few things happening around us. We just have to be very positive in doing so. Or, succinctly put, let us be exclusively objective, though the word ‘objective’ itself is ‘subjectively’ in detailed diagnosis. But we can, for the purposes of this discussion, chose to be conspiratorial, of the few things we should be looking at.

Which is the best way to start than to begin with the quality of the campaign ushering in the 2023 General Elections. How qualitatively cogent and eruditely attractive are the issues being canvassed by the personae dramatis in the narrative route to the general elections? Are the campaigns any issue related or based?

Will all of us in Nigeria, even across the frontiers of this country, be falling into a major camp of conspiracy by saying that the political permutation, as we see it today, are not far from issues based?

What we have in our hands; at each point of campaign discussions, across all the major political parties, is nothing but abusive languages on each other. They; the campaigns, are nothing but campaign of calumny. They are looking so much like campaign of gangsters.

Coming with the first day of the campaign, even before the campaigns started properly, revelations about criminality lifestyles of the upper class runners of the politicians have been made public – one against the other.

It is so bad that hitherto securely protected criminal life styles of the front runners of the two major political parties – APC and PDP, are now common knowledge to babies that are just born. It is even an obvious fact, as a friend of mine in the United State of America put it to me while discussing the issue a few days ago that “unborn Nigerian children shall know all Nigerian big thieves before they are born, because they [the unborn children] are now hearing the narration from their mothers’ womb”.

Can any person, in all sincerity, say that the Nigerian political atmosphere is not becoming darker on this issue?

The departing president of Nigeria; Muhammadu Buhari, is another “bend corner of the road” in the plaintive narration into our future. More critically on Buhari’s narration is the difficulty of finding a way of fixing his “bend corner”.

Here is a President that will go to sleep whenever the country he is elected to governor is on fire. He would sleep so deeply that most of us would be thinking that he has travelled to a place no ordinary mortal can reach. That would be the time that the wife – Hajia Aisha, will not even be available to help Nigerians in crossing over to the “ozer” room to call him.

Take for example, the case of the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] – Godwin Emefiele, who has been accused of “sponsoring terrorism financing and great economic crimes against Nigeria”, by the Directorate of State Security [DSS]. In fact, the DSS embarked on arresting Godwin Emefiele but for the judiciary that stopped the operation more for its illegality.

Where is President Muhammadu Buhari in this melodrama? This is not the first time he is displaying this character. It is his way of doing things – albeit strangely, unofficially, and oddly too. Here is a man that would appoint ministers and the ministers he so appointed would torpedo the Nigerian ship, Buhari would not say a word, in either queuing, disciplining or sacking the minister taking Nigeria to hell. He will opt to go for a very deep sleep at such times, and always.

Don’t we – Nigerians, know how much President Buhari hates corruption, with his advocacy that Nigeria must kill corruption before corruption kills the country?

Yet don’t we know, in the other hand, how much our dearly cherished anti-corruption Czar President now presides over one of the most organised and syndicated corrupt government this country ever seen?

And do you want to say that this is not translating to a darker political atmosphere over Nigeria?

If there is any Nigerian that would say that the political atmosphere over Nigeria is not becoming darker, such Nigerian must be part of the instrumentality that helps in darkening the political cloud; a cloud that is pushing Nigeria faster to the precipice.

Or is the position where we may be having front political parties’ contenders for this February 25th, presidential election being fully qualified for total disqualification, for reasons of their alleged nefarious acts of the past, that someone will say that the political atmosphere over Nigeria is not becoming darker?

These are just part of the discussion that The Guru might be introducing in the studio, of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, starting from 0930 hours, tomorrow – Monday, February 23, 2023, when the segment of Adu & The Guru comes on air.

Of course, there are other topical issues that shall be coming up for discussion – for example, the argument of whether the Federal Government increases fuel pump price or not must be discussed. And it is for one main reason. The reason is that the government’s denial has not brought any comfort to the citizenry, but instead re-established the fact of the government’s trademark in mercilessly defrauding the citizenry.

In fraudulent matters, this government is always a winner while the citizen remains one colossal loser. Hurray!




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