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Last week I captured my usual Sunday broadcast as The Nigerian political atmosphere is becoming darker. And the caption of what I am presenting today is not too much different – The drum of crisis and violence is sounding louder. Are the two captions not similar enough?

Yes, they are. In fact, both would run, through whatever tunnel of interpretation, to one confluence point of decoding.

The point of final analysis may not be too different from what Lokoja; the Capital City of Kogi State, in North Central geopolitical Zone of Nigeria, stands for. Lokoja is that beautiful city where both the River Niger and the River Benue met. Isn’t that being why it is called a Confluence point?

So, there is a looming darkness over the Nigerian atmospheric space. It is actually dark enough for all to see. It is not like anything not physically visible and real. Except for those who might be pretending. Or those human catalysts that pulled the darkness out of the pit of hell into covering the Nigerian territorial space. And these – that brought/or bringing the darkness over Nigeria, are powerful and strong. They are Principalities and Powers. They are Rulers of Darkness in High Places at the Special Realm of Control.

They know what Power meant. They speak to Powers at all the time. In fact, they have paid the prices for Power acquisitions from the Kingdom of Darkness. These people are the same people we sometimes dine and fraternise with. We can, sometimes; and almost all the time, vouch for their integrity.

We do so because they are the outstanding benevolent of our Society. We call them the “kind and good men/women God sent to us”.  Their shoulders are always available for us to lean upon. Don’t they wipe away tears, at most times, from our eyes?

We run to them for help whenever we are under life pressure. They present themselves as our burden bearer. Yet we don’t know them. And all of us cannot decode the ironic code of knowing them. And that is . . .

These people are the same; as part of the Powers, they hold over those of us [who are ordinary mortals] would have others recruited for another trajectory differently. They need this different voyage to accomplish their acquired route of total conquest. Again, they are triumphantly diabolic in this assignment. Just as they are in all their other penetrations.

In the face of this assignment, what the Political Principalities and Powers of Darkness in Nigeria do is simply to recruit a few individuals; across the country’s ethnicity, tribes, cultures and religion. Having been fully assured of the recruitment, the next stage they move into is purchase of Drums. Drums painted of different bright colours and place the painted drums in the hands of the recruited performers.

The political demonic gods of the land would now turn the drummers loose on the people – who are their brothers and sisters, with only one instruction. Go out there and keep the drums talking as we dictate it to you.

Once this is accomplished, and unknown to the recruits – the drummers, mostly with their glittering drums of many colours, a siege is of terrorism would have been unleashed on Nigerians. Blame these hypnotised drummers less, please. And for a one or two reasons.

In the first place the glittering colour and decorations of different currencies of the drums put in their hands could transfer many mortals from the land of reality to a community of Eldorado. How many of them – the drummers, would know that it was coat of many colours that put Joseph, son of Jacob, in the Bible, into greater trouble?

This very long preamble – you will be right to say so, brings logic to what last week’s caption [The Nigerian political atmosphere is becoming darker] and today’s [The drum of crisis and violence is sounding louder] have in common.

Metaphors of the 2023 general election is approaching faster with sound of crisis/violence on one hand and almost total darkness in the other hand.

Yes, Nigerians are happy with INEC’s preparation for the elections in terms of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System [BVAS] and other technological equipment for the election. That should be always seen as good news.

But in the other hand, let us take a cursory look at the languages and body showmanship of the politicians and subject same to full interpretation as it relates to fair, free and credible election. There is surely visible void in the horizon. And this should worry us much.

For example, let us look at disclosures and revelations being made against each other amongst two of the four leading political parties – speaking of the APC and PDP, and their flagbearers; Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar.

What the whole international community is hearing from Nigeria within the last two weeks is nothing but total embarrassment to the Nigerian Nation. It is either APC telling PDP that its flagbearer is a big scammer/fraudster of international dimension that should rot away in prison or the PDP is telling the APC that its flagbearer is the heaviest hard-drug kingpin the world ever produced.

And both political parties have gone to the courts for the authentication of each other allegation against the other. Isn’t shameful that these are the type of people contending for Nigeria’s presidency in a country with over Two Hundred Million people?

Let us say, just for the purpose of this Peculiar Mess; in the language of the late Ibadan politicianAdegoke Adelabu [which Ibadan people turned to pekelemesi] that it is only APC and PDP that are contending the election, how will Nigeria and its over 200 million people be feeling now?

It would have been a dilemma of producing one of the two alleged criminals as president. Or, are we so sure that one of them shall not even emerge, the way things are now moving? If it so happens, which of the two shall we be referring to as the deep red sea and which will be the devil?

This is on the one hand. Yet, there are many other things to look at.

The long awaited elections is few days away from us, yet there are thousands of problems the Nigerian government has created, and still creating. Each of the problems is darkening the Nigerian sky more.

The Federal Government and the Nigerian President; who is the defacto Minister of Petroleum Resources for the country, have defrauded the citizenry in all areas of petroleum product to the extent that all Nigerians are now morbid and moribund. We have become are a pitiable revelation in the study of morbid anatomy.

What about the truth concerning the Naira redesign and distribution? All that we now know is of Nigerians languishing in abject squalor, while the same political class that have betrayed us is accusing each other over things that shall never benefit us – the down-trodden citizens.

We have mounting debts – going up to 77 trillion; as we have been told, awaiting the unborn generations for payment.

It has now become a situation where all Nigerians are resulting into allying their thought with that great Author – Sidney Sheldon, in that famous book – If Tomorrow Comes. Must it be so?

Isn’t it true that the words of our own cherished Chinua Achebe – Things fall apart; the Center cannot hold, has become fulfilled in today’s Nigeria?

This is the time that The Nigerian political atmosphere is becoming darker while The drum of crisis and violence is sounding louder. May God help us.

The Guru adjourns!



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