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Every living soul in Nigeria today is an endangered species. The young, the old, female, male, all youths and all children, are all endangered. Many have died. And many are still going to die most likely.

This proportion of calamity has never occurred in the annals of Nigeria’s history before. And it is most likely that if we survive this calamity, a type of Armageddon like this may not come our ways again. Never again shall we – Nigerians, encounter this darkness again; forever and ever.

Imagine a Nigeria we found ourselves – a country that is about going into oblivion. If care is not taken; and this should be a few days from now, this beautiful landmark might become a country that was. Or, succinctly speaking, historians might be referring to it as a “country that was”.

To think of it along this line is scaring to me personally. And l know it is that scaring to many of us – “citizens of a country about to die”.

What are the issues?

Here is a country that is preparing for elections – an exercise that is more than liked, worldwide in this modern age, for the continuity of democracy in Nigeria. As a country we embraced a democratic system of government, first in 1960. It came with euphoria and melodious celebration.

Six years on; in 1966, the Nigerian Military came, scrutinised the system, pronounced a judgement on our then young democracy and killed it. The Military that destroyed Democracy, took over steering the Ship of the Nation into a future that wasn’t mapped out with an understandable navigational chart.

Ipso facto, since then, all we achieved in the Nigerian Military’s adventure into Oceanic sailing without compass was nothing but navigational disasters. The Military continued from one type of fumbling and wombling to another. This was the journey until 1999, when they [the Nigerian Military] were chased out of power.

The ugly fact of this voyage was that at any-time the Nigerian Military came in to chase away; either itself or civilian, there was always another counterpart of theirs, helping things out for them.

The counterpart is the army of civilian politicians. We were even told at a time, by the Military, that their civilian counterpart invited them – the Military, to take over government. Even in situation when they [the Military] shamelessly had to kill themselves, at such points of Coup failures – and we saw too many of such disasters, they [the Military] still would tell us that “the politicians invited us” or “we have to rescue the country because of the politicians’ failure”.

Let us fast-track the discussion.

Now, 24 years into the longest unbroken democratic practice in Nigeria, the dangerous Hawks are back in another form and format. They are crawling around as terrible predators. They are fearfully and terribly out after the available preys. Or let us say their preys.

However, the game is undergoing some redefinition. A very radical one for that matter. This is what the caption of this essay holds for us, in a fearful manner.

Nigeria, as a country today, has no nationally accepted legal tender money. This is because the Nigeria national currency; which is the only currency of legal tender in Nigeria is in short-supply through the Nigeria community. In fact, there are about four States in the North Central and North East that are now trading with the Francophone currency – the CFA.

Beyond this sad fact, the Nigerian Federal Government Authority failed woefully to stop the two biggest political parties – APC\PDP, from dollarizing their political parties Primaries in Abuja last year. Yet, the government that failed to stop that big show of shame, by implication of commission or omission, allowed the patronage of a non-legal tender currency [the Dollar] in Nigeria to remain legal.

Nigeria has no light – electricity. Nigeria has no fuel. Neither has it any of the 17 products gotten from refined of Crude Oil. Nigeria has no currency for the usage of its citizens. This is on one hand.

In the other hand, Nigeria itself has become instrument of killing and pronouncement of death against Nigerians. There is enough of darkness – which is the opposite of light, for the whole population of over Two Hundred Million Nigerians. Fuel is not available for Nigerians to purchase. Yet, Nigerians need the fuel to powered their generators, vehicles, boats and whatever fuel could be used for.

The Jet A4 – fuel for aviation [flights], is non-existent. Planes taking off from Nigeria found it most comfortable making a stopover in Ghana to buy aviation fuel because it is mostly cheaper there than in Nigeria.

What Nigerians have in abundance is death – death from all angles. This is easily distributed because the Nigerian State had earlier on engaged full services of SUPERIOR and SUFFISTICATED Agents of Death. Or don’t you know them?

These are Terrorists, Bandits, Herders, Fulani Jihadist, Ritualists, Kidnappers and, of latest – the unknown Gunmen. Even when the greatest Military Institution in Nigeria, the Nigeria Defence Academy, was attacked, by what many Nigerians thought were terrorists, the Nigerian Military Authority told us that “they were Unknown Gunmen”.

Let us come to the Now, as we speedily approach the point of anchorage.

I started this exercise by narrating that many have died and that more are going to die before the General Elections – and that is if the tomorrow of the Elections will come. Yet, we are talking of elections that is just 12 days away – counting from today, Sunday, February 12, 2023.

The creation of the battlefield itself is comic as it is tragic. The planners of the battlefield and the executors, including the personae dramatis of the battleground at the battlefield are the same and same people.  Have you heard about such war before? Except in the Bible, it is never known and seen.

All the planners of this battlefield and the appointed Executioners are all members of the same family.

This unseen and unknown battle contestants and contenders – in a fiercely staged battle of self-annihilation, are all members of the same and only one family – the APC-led Federal Government of Nigeria. The same federal government with Muhammadu Buhari as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. They are all members of the same Ruling Political Party – the All Progressives Congress.

All and everyone of them came into this last battle of Nigeria’s attempt in surviving as one country, is said that it is all about the incoming elections.

We now know that there is a Cabal in the Presidency that may not want APC to win the presidential election. The Cabal is APC – a la carte Nasir El Rufai, the Executive Governor of Kaduna State.

Those who are “hiding” or “hording fuel” from Nigerians, for reason of sabotaging the election against the Presidential Flag Bearer of the APC [Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu] is APC – a la carte Bola Tinubu.

The real reason why Godwin Emefiele; the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN], in collusion with President Muhammadu Buhari, sabotaged the redesigned and redistribution of the Nigerian Naira, by taking the money away into hiding; in one most organized affliction against the Nigerian People, so that the result of the incoming elections would not favour the APC, is the APC – a la carte – all APC Governors in Nigeria.

It has become a case of the APC helping Nigerians identifying the enemy of the Nigerian People; which is APC. Can divided against itself stand? APC has identified the APC is the tormentor of the Nigerian people.

So, 2023 General Elections remains the deadly hot melting pot for both the prey and the predator. 2023 general election remains therefore the real nemesis of these wicked, notorious and thieving Nigerian politicians that have taken an otherwise great country to the gutters over the years. Their day of reckoning and doom has come.

2023 General Election is the place where the Prey and Predator shall devour themselves. They shall embark in a frenzy of self-annihilation at the DEADLY MELTING POT.

And so shall it be!

Godwin Etakibuebu; a Veteran Journalist, writes from Lagos.


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  1. Ashinaga Emmanuel Reply

    This is great revelation in all making.

    God who is the greatest and most powerful will surely show His mercy and favor in our country Nigeria and surely God will grant us Victory and testimonies IJN. 🙏🙏

  2. Steven Reply

    What more needs to be said. Selfish and evil hearted politicians hell bent on causing mayhem to their citizens.

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