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This week assignment schedule I have created for myself looks very intimidatingly horrendous. Yet, for the interests of my followers and posterity, and most importantly, generations unborn, I have chosen to stick to this scarring timetable. I shall deliver on my self-assigned mandate, by the special grace of God’s approval.

It is one thing to think of tomorrow, but it is another thing for the rightful Owner of the tomorrow one thought of to grant the Thinker an access into that tomorrow he/she thinks of. That is just the reality of life, because tomorrow belongs to God. Ipso facto, if God grants me unhindered access to this week fully, there shall be much waiting for me to probe into. And the outcome of my endeavours into those interrogations, shall be for the benefit of Nigerians.

Where are we really should be starting from this week?

The fuel subsidy removal – which was not actually done by President Bola Tinubu, as it was an assignment he inherited from his predecessor; Muhammadu Buhari, remains on the front burner. And enough too, for a continuous discussion. The good news here is that l have already dealt with that in my YouTube Channel.

All that one needs to do in accessing the raw facts of the fullness of the biggest scam called subsidy is to visit the Channel – Godwin The Guru, at YouTube. And you shall never be disappointed when you get there because the package that shall be “entertaining” when you log in, is beyond the icing of the cake’s narration. The Guru took a 34-year historical journey into the past to establish the existence of the Cabal that has taken Nigeria and all Nigerians into permanent captivity – for life, or so it is looking like.

So, the issue of the fuel subsidy’s removal would still occupy our national front burner for a long time to come – just the way the Nigerian well-orchestrated scamming cookie crumbles.

There are other terrible national issues that need to be brought to Nigerians’ attention. What about the post-Rauf Aregbesola’s Nigerian Immigration Services [NIS]? Or could there be someone out there, saying that the trauma and agony, left behind by the immediate past Minister of Interior, in the Nigerian Immigration Services; where elongation of tenure for retiring officers became one instrument of total opprobrium and next to annihilation to Nigeria, is not big enough for discussion?

Rauf Aregbesola might have gone as a Minister of Interior, with former President Buhari, but the mighty scam of Nigerian Passport Booklets’ perennial scarcity, which he built shall still be traumatising Nigeria for years to come.

The immediate past Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Services [NIS]; Isah Idris Jere, might be a good witness, and that is if he wants to talk, by speeling the beans on the dirty things that were “cooked” in the Minister’s kitchen of intrigue.

But supposing the past CGI [Isah Idris Jere] refused to talk, we might persuade him to tell us why he was directed, through a letter signed by the Permanent Secretary – Ja’afaru Ahmed, to handover to a Deputy Comptroller General [NIS]; Adepoju Carol Wura-Ola?

To put the record straight, the present Acting Comptroller General of the NIS; DCG Adepoju Carol Wura-Ola, retired from the Nigerian Immigration Services on May 31, 2023. At least, as you read this, the Nigerian Immigration Services’ Computer System logged her out of the Services on midnight of May 31, 2023.

These are just few of the assignment The Guru is undertaking this week for the benefit of the Nigerian People.

Oh, by the way, and lest l forget, there is also this very essential assignment for The Guru in Ethiopia – which is starting from this week too. And that itself – the Ethiopia trip is very necessary because it has to do with digging out the last of the buried dirties games, by the greatest disappointing Minister of Aviation Nigeria ever had; Senator Hadi Sirika.

The Ministry of Aviation’s Nigeria Air Scam, said to have been launched in Abuja on May 26, 2023, without a plane purchased by Nigeria – but hired an Ethiopia plane to perform the ceremony [a plane that returned back to Ethiopia on Tuesday, June 1, 2023], shall be part of what The Guru shall be discussing tomorrow, Monday, June 5, 2023, in the studio of Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, by the grace of God.

What a week!

What a load of work!


Godwin Etakibuebu; a Veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.



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    My pain is for patriotic Nigerians who is suffering because of the decision of Nigerians who have fallen deeply in love with their oppresssors

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